About Charles

Charles Scott

Charles Scott helps people build better lives.

Firms > expand their markets and manage change.
Organisations > achieve their strategic priorities and find new customers.
Communities > diversify their economies and respond to shifting markets.

Charles Scott brings the following tools to his work:

  • 23 years helping business owners to strategically position their firms, enter new markets and arrange financing;
  • 12 years working with fabricating, clean technology, environmental services, and transportation firms to diversify their customer base;
  • 5 years managing an export development office, assisting Canadian firms to develop markets in Asia and the Americas;
  • 8 years in commercial lending capacities
    (GE Capital Canada, Community Futures)

Charles holds a Masters degree in Economic Development from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from UBC.

A faculty member in the School of Business at UNBC, he focuses on ethics, marketing, international business, and entrepreneurship.

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