An economic development professional since 1990, Charles Scott has worked in rural and small urban settings in northern BC and northwestern Ontario.

  • Charles' business development background comes from 19 years of working directly with entrepreneurs to strategically position their firms, handle rapid growth, enter new markets and get out of trouble.
  • In his 8 years as a commercial lender (GE Capital, Community Futures) he helped firms of all sizes to structure their financial needs, typically in expansion and workout situations.
  • Between 1999 and 2012, he managed cluster development initiatives in Clean Technology, wood manufacturing, and metal fabricating, as well as establishing and running an export development office. In these capacities, he assisted firms in BC’s Central Interior to become export-ready and enter new markets.
  • A faculty member in the School of Business at the University of Northern BC since 2003, he specializes in marketing, international trade and entrepreneurship.
  • His received a Masters degree in Economic Development from Waterloo (1992) and an undergraduate degree in Economics from UBC (1986). To that he added 22 years in the field, helping firms to change, lending money to them, collecting the money he lent, and helping them adapt to changing demand.

Charles has prepared numerous Cost-Benefit and Socio-Economic Impact analyses on projects, including:

  • BC Contribution Report (Kitimat, BC, 2012-Present). Prepared the annual report assessing the economic benefit of the Kitimat operations of Rio Tinto Alcan since 2012.
  • Valemount Glacier Destination Ltd. (Vancouver, BC, 2015). Prepared a socio-economic impact analysis of the proposed project, with particular focus on the local community and province.
  • Atikokan Forest Products (Atikokan, Ontario, 1992). Assessed the economic and social impact of the closure of two forest operations on the community of Atikokan, Ontario, and the financial implications to the provincial and federal governments.
  • “Antarctica / 8-Below” (Smithers, BC, 2005). Assessed the economic and social impact of the filming of a major motion picture on the community of Smithers’ BC, and the financial impact on the provincial government. The client was the Northern BC Film Commission.
  • Barkerville Road Expansion (Barkerville, BC, 2007). Assessed the economic benefit of three potential road expansion options to the region, and the financial implications to the provincial government. The client was the Barkerville Heritage Trust.